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  Let Us Help Raise Funds for your Organization  

Do you have a favorite charity or organization that is looking for way to raise money? Why not try a cruise? Many non-profit organizations, churches and synagogues have found cruising to be an enjoyable way to raise money.  While you are relaxing your vacation dollars will be helping to raise money for your non-profit organization.  Cruising is an easy and pleasurable way to raise money your favorite charity!

Did you ever think that you could go on a cruise and raise funds for your charitable organization at the same time?  Now you can!

How Does it Work?

    1.  We’ll help you choose a cruise itinerary to best fit your group. Most cruiselines offer    
         bonuses for groups. These bonuses can usually be used as fundraising dollars ($25-$75 per

    2.  Some cruiselines will allow you to increase the cost of the cruise ($25-$100 per         
         passenger). That money goes directly to your organization.

    3.  Some cruiseline policies may offer their own contribution to your fundraiser

    4.  Every eight to ten cabins earns a fundraising credit. The value of this credit is based on the    
         average price of all cabins. This credit can be used in several ways to earn funds for your

    5.  We donate $35 per cabin for less than 7 night cruises and $50.00 per cabin for 7 night or      
         longer cruises.

Here’s how it works (using 20 cabins or 40 people sailing as an example)

Amenity points worth $50 per stateroom ($20 x $50 = $1000)

Mark up $50 per passenger ($40 x $50 = $2000)

20 cabins booked(Fundraising credit): (2 x $750 = $1500)

Roth Travel Donation: ($50 x $20 = $1,000)

Total earned = $5,500

What you can expect from us:

    1.  We will discuss your goals and objectives with you.

    2.  We will verify the legitimacy of your non-profit organization. 

    3.  We will actively search the marketplace for the best available cruise that fits your needs
         with maximum amenities offered by the cruise lines.

    4.  We will help you with a marketing plan or a call to action to help you generate interest in        
         your fundraising cruise.

    5.  If we have space available on our website, we will give you an entire page (like this one) to     
         help you promote your cruise.

    6.  We will provide custom made flyers that you can duplicate to help promote your cruise.

    7.  We will provide you with a letter of agreement formalizing the pricing,categories         
         of staterooms, deposit requirements,and amenities offered.

    8.  A presentation from us to your group explaining how all of this works and how it can benefit your
         organization. (Geographically permitting.)

What we expect from you:

    1.  A highly motivated group leader(s) willing to promote the group.

    2.  A poll from your group on the type of cruise desired including pricing, budget constraints        
         and goals for raising money. 

    3.  A comfortable willingness of the group to be flexible on the choice of the cruise line,         
         itinerary and sailing dates. 

With so many destinations and cruises available, we look forward to helping you determine the best fit for your organization.